Financial Impact

  • Each member will immediately have access to a new set of world-class products and services which they can sell to their existing clients
  • Increased local business due to your additional capabilities
  • Referral Fee (when a you refer a prospective client to an alliance member)
  • Ability to sell your innovative products and tools to/through other alliance members worldwide
  • Ability to jointly bid on work which would otherwise have been out of reach
  • Ability to immediately service your existing customers worldwide
  • Access to a network of international technology, industry, and organizational A-Level consultants

(Note: Being an active member in the alliance, by writing for newsletter, magazine, or journals, as well as attending the events will increase the opportunity as other members learn more about you and your firm.)

  • Reduce R&D and marketing costs, by leveraging products and services (and related marketing material) developed by other alliance members
  • Reduce Sales costs by leveraging a distributed virtual sales force rather than creating your own
  • Reduce Business Development costs by utilizing existing network of firms
  • Eliminate global expansion costs since no physical expansion is necessary
  • Reduce risk of losing engagements while you seek viable delivery partners
  • Reduce development & support costs through low cost Development Centers
  • Minimize financial and legal administrative costs since legal entities, tax, etc. are minimized or eliminated

Typically, yes. Transfer price schedule for products supplied by situational contract

  • The CAI Global IT Partner Alliance collects nominal membership fees
  • CAI earns money through participation fees based on situational engagements