The CAI Global IT Partner Alliance is an established network of highly professional, like-minded, independent IT companies covering many regions and countries worldwide.

  • Potential to Increase revenue by adding new local and global clients and by selling your products, tools and services through a network of member companies
  • Expand your capabilities for your existing clients; gain new clients due to your increased capabilities and global reach; gain new clients from member referrals
  • Expand your ability to deliver services to your global clients through alliance members and our global development and support centers
  • Expand your portfolio of products, tools and services by leveraging offerings from other members, and contribute your own to the alliance's toolbox
  • Competitive defense versus your larger and global competitors
  • Offer your employees and your clients and extensive suite of leadership and professional training material
  • Manage ebbs and flows of demand by leveraging skills and resources from around the world
  • Immediate access to events, newsletters and journals, as well as a network of internal experts and consultants
  • Immediate access to practice area experts and extensive product training, as well as marketing material such as websites, videos etc.

Combine the individual strengths of existing, localized I.T. organizations into a cooperating, sharing and connected world-wide organization, in order to dramatically increase the overall capability of the member organizations.

To create an international alliance of independent IT firms, aggregating the individual products, strengths, and geographic footprint into a "loose cooperative".

We fully expect the alliance to grow dramatically.

  • To be more competitive
  • To be more global
  • To grow faster

… and all the many reasons any alliance member would have

No more so than the myriad of existing & future threats you face today. The alliance contract will provide for geographic exclusivity. By becoming a member, the alliance should actually help you defend yourself against the competition.

The integrity of the customer relationship and its ownership are sacred within the alliance.