Membership Fees & Other Costs

There is annual membership fee, which covers administration, events, marketing material, educational material, free tools, etc. This fee is currently $25,000 (and may rise as the alliance reaches certain membership milestones)

Note: The membership fee may, in certain instances, be partially offset against successfully completed engagements with CAI.

The alliance will help you differentiate yourself from your local competition.

As part of your membership, you get immediate access to:

  • Access to a network of international member organization to extend your global delivery capabilities
  • Access to a network of near and off-shore development and support centers
  • Access to a portfolio of products, services, solutions, and tools (many of which have no additional cost)
  • Access to regional and global networking events, featuring key opinion leaders, guest speakers, and chance to learn about new alliance tools
  • Access to a suite of Workforce Development tools, including weekly live, and over 700 recorded webinars for your organization (at no additional charge)
  • Alliance Newsletters/Magazines as well as subject specific journals
  • Alliance marketing material to help promote your membership
  • Alliance website

(Note: details can be provided upon request)

Individual products, services, solutions or tools are charged on a sale or usage basis.